Meet Jerry

Jerry is an experienced business leader.  In his 30-year business career, he has served in a range of roles in engineering, management, and senior leadership at both a large (3M) and small (Windings, Inc.) company.  During his 16 years at Windings, he led the company through substantial growth, a major transition to 100% employee owned, and a key transition from a 25+ year owner/leader to the next generation executive.  Lots of changes, transitions, and learning opportunities.


Jerry is passionate about helping entrepreneurial organizations succeed in making their vision into reality.  He believes small businesses are a tremendous resource to create opportunity for real people and drive economic health of their community.  He’s learned a lot over the years, with “stars and scars” to show for it.  He implemented EOS at his company and saw firsthand how the system benefited him as the leader, his leadership team, and the company as a whole.  He gets energy from helping leaders to truly align the human energy present in their organizations, creating personal and professional fulfillment for every individual and success for their companies.


Jerry has been married to the same wonderful woman for 33 years.  They have successfully launched three children and now share their home with a 12-pound Yorkshire Terrier with an oversized opinion of her own importance.  He is a regular runner, having completed several marathons, but now limits it to half marathon distance or shorter.  He enjoys hiking, open spaces, and mountains, with Glacier National Park a favorite destination.  Jerry lives in western Montana and spends most of this time there, but has a few great clients in southern Minnesota as well.

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